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Flamingo Baby Pool Float

Flamingo Baby Pool Float

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 1, high quality ᄆ 0.25mm PVC tough tape; 

 2, the printing process of the inner material dot, the color is gorgeous, and the paint is completely invisible; 

 3, increase the handle and drawstring design safe and comfortable; 

 4, the wing independent airbag, greatly improving the safety factor. 

 5. Increase the design of the inner cavity to make the baby sit and be spacious and comfortable. 

 6. The inflatable triangle base makes the comfort greatly improved. 

 7. One-piece inflatable bottom is comfortable and durable.

8. Specification: outside after aeration: ᄆ (72cm*74cm*30cm), inner after aeration: ᄆ (28cm*26cm)  undefined   undefined undefined


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